Web development topics for learning

July 24, 2022

Here's a gist of useful and/or important topics that one could use to familiarize themself with in order to become a proficient web developer: https://gist.github.com/abstractalgo/8456a2baef7ff3368f5b80d5c2245403

This list is far from being comprehensive and each of these topics has a lot of depth in them and one could spend months focusing on any one of them, but it's still good to have an overview of the web dev field as a whole.

I've shared this list with interns that I've mentored, as a way for them to always have something else to learn more about if they get stuck or bored with any particular topic. And, as with everything, learning is not about reading it once and perfectly memorizing it, but, rather, about reading about all of these topics over and over again, in various contexts, always with slightly upgraded knowledge and ability to connect different information together, all in order to build your own internal intuition about things, composed of objective information and subjective work experiences. So having an overview of what to connect your knowledge with next is a useful tool.

It's likely I'll be adding some more things over time as I remember or become aware of them, so the gist will always be up to date since it's versioned properly.

Happy learning! 🤓