Make. Progress.

May 20, 2021

Here's to those that are curious. The ones that love hard challenges. The ones that ask 'why' and 'how'. The ones that are willing to try and improve themselves. And the ones improving their environment. Here's to the ones that don't know it all, but are willing to learn. To the ones that aren't complacent with the possibility of things being beyond their control.

To the ones that are ready, ready to try, to give it a shot, to risk it, to pay the price that their ambition will inflict upon them. To the brave ones. To the bold ones. To the ones that dare to dream, envisioning something different and something better.

Despite fear. Despite inherent flaws. Despite bad initial takes. Despite degradation over time and space. Despite miscommunications and bad interpretations. But nevertheless striving for the better. Not best, because the "best" often doesn't exist, but - for the better. Continuous iterations, always moving forward. Always learning. Always trying, failing, improving, trying again, and succeeding.

Here's to those that make things. To those that make things happen. To those that are making things more beautiful. To those staying humble and accepting that there always is more to learn. And that there always is more to improve.

I am one of you. I am there for you. I am building tech products, to help you, to amplify you, to enable you. Making things happen on a different scale, more able, affecting change, and iterating faster. So that we can learn together. So that we can learn how to learn better. So that we can build things. So that we can move forward together. So that we can...

Make. Progress.