PubPub and Knowledge Futures

September 24, 2020

On Wednesday, I've talked with a group of people from PubPub. PubPub is one project made by the Knowledge Futures Group. Another project that they are making is Underlay, and I have talked with Samuel about it previously; and he was responsible for making the introductons to the rest of the KF Group (thanks Sam!).

PubPub is an open-source, privacy-respecting, all-in-one collaborative publishing platform for communities small and large. You can deploy PubPub completely locally, or on their own servers, and they have a pricing model.

The Knowledge Futures Group was founded as a partnership between the MIT Press and MIT Media Lab. They build and sustain technology for the production, curation, and preservation of knowledge in service of the public good. It is a nonprofit organization powered by academic, industry, and advocacy groups.

I've presented Unfold to them and we've talked about some of the problems and solutions around Unfold and their experience and plans for PubPub. One of the things that they were involved with was "Connected Pubs" set of features, which is basically a core of the Unfold. There is an apparent convergence of features and solutions for academics, and this is not the first time I've spotted it.