Website setup

July 7, 2020 3:20am

worked on website. it took way too long.

checked out github pages. unfamiliar with jekyll and didn't want to have another learning curve, so discarded that idea.

went with vercel (zeit) and nextjs; thought about gatsby, but seemed like an overkill.

setup some basic todo list for the website. for forms, i first went with mongodb, spent a bunch of time setting it up and ultimately giving up. started working with google api to write serverless requests into google spreadsheets table, thankfully, i was so bored by required oauth2 that i gave up very quickly and simply remembered that google forms exist. even considered using airtable and creating zapier zap for this small thing. i sometimes question if i overcomplicate things. (but i know i don't, it's just a matter of cognitive capacity to recall things)

blog scores 100 on page speed (lighthouse), that makes me happy. it will take some time to populate with content.

final setup is vercel + github, with help of google forms and google analytics.