Unexpected project

July 10, 2020 1:05am

Quite unexpectedly I started creating a mockup for a totally new project. Sudden epiphany when you realize how and why something might be useful, and you just have to spend some time designing it and troubleshooting flaws that you know you totally looked over when it was just a rough idea in your head. Then technical considerations strike, then viability and simplicity of general UX and onboarding, small resolution layout,... it's all like an avalanche, and it is probably even a similar adrenaline rush - you are trying to stay ahead of it just a bit, you avoid troubles and lose yourself in some kind of esctasy, trying to encompass use cases and expectations and convert them into pieces of UI and then fit them together and arange them in some logical manner, and always something gets in your way, but you evade it, and repeat everything over and over and over again. Product design is fun.

Anyhow, I won't be writing a single line of functional code for this mockup, so everything I imagined will probably be finished in 2-3 days, which excites me quite a lot, because it feels good when you begin something and quickly wrap it up.

Stay tunedâ„¢